Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Record breaking burger stuffer

A Singaporean man broke the world record for stuffing the most hamburgers into his mouth at one time as part of a weekend competition to break 10 obscure Guinness World Records.

Don Ezra Nicholas, 19, packed in three "and a bit" McDonalds hamburgers, or 369 grams of burger, into his mouth without swallowing, the Straits Times said.

On Saturday, Jeffery Koh, 50, the oldest participant in the 10-team contest, broke the world record for eating three cream crackers in the fastest time. He polished off the crackers in 14,45 seconds, beating the previous record of 49,15 seconds held by Briton Ambrose Mendy in 2002.

Some of the failed record attempts on the weekend included downing a 397 gram bottle of ketchup with a straw in the fastest time, eating the most number of Smarties with a pair of chopsticks in three minutes and speaking the most number of words backwards in one minute.

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