Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A-Team - The movie

Eighties' TV show The A-Team is being remade for the big screen. James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein is writing the movie version.

The A-Team was a 1980s television show about a group of fictional ex-US Army commandos on the run from the military. To support themselves, they operated as mercenaries, offering their services to the oppressed. The show has achieved cult status among some viewers.

The show ran for five seasons. The first original air date was January 23, 1983. The final original air date was March 8, 1987. In total, 98 episodes were made.

George Peppard, who in the part of “Hannibal” was leader of The A-Team, died in Los Angeles in 1994. Muscleman Mr T (Lawrence Tero), who starred in the original with George Peppard, could be bought back for the new film, although not as BA – whose initials stood for Bad Attitude.

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