Monday, October 11, 2004

The world's only ass-kicking machine

Robert P. Booth, of Wirtz, Virginia, designed and built the only ass-kicking machine in the world sometime around 1988. He has added several improvements to it over time and continues to maintain it.

The actual ass-kicking is done by a seven-foot length of 2"x4" lumber with a hub at the center, driven by a 1" steel driveshaft that is concentric with the drive wheel. At each end of the 2x4, there's a used green suede tennis shoe tacked to a piece of lumber.

The output rate is about 100 asses per minute. The rate of ass-kicking is controlled by the water flow control valve. Because the machine had not been run in a little while, Bob kept its speed down to a leisurely 25 asses/minute during our tour.