Friday, December 10, 2004

Nice ashhole you got there

" We’re glad you’re craving an Ashhole of your very own. We’re working hard to ensure that Ashholes will be found in stores all across the country sometime in late summer 2004. You can do your part to make sure you favorite store gets in on the action -- tell ‘em to visit this site to order a case of Ashholes. Then you and your friends can go buy an Ashhole. Everybody wins. That’s how we like it."

I saw this beauty of an ashhole at Attu's.

People have been inventing lots of interesting ashtrays over the years. The "please don't smoke" ashtray gently reminds you with a pleasant message that "smoking can damage your health". There's the "portable ashtray", useful on many occasions - at an outdoor party, on the ski-lift, when hiking, on a boat or at an open-air concert.

One in particular combines the needs of the real fanatics. "The beermat that can become an ashtray to use and to throw away" alows you to drink your beer, enjoy your sigarette and leaves you with no mess at all. Isn't that amazing?