Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sense and surrealism

On the left: "The SIDEWINDER™ is all the efficiency of conventional lawn edgers in a FRACTION of the time and effort!". On the right: "Driving a car has never been more safe OR leisurely. The combination convenience of Reemco's AUTO PILOT & ACCELERATOR™ is a one two punch of on-the-road comfort. Simply press the button on the AUTO PILOT and place the accelerater to the desired speed. Now your hands are free to attend to whatever business you may have on-the-road!"

"For over one hundred and fifty years, Reemco has provided mankind with cutting edge, state of the art quality and technology. We have a long standing commitment to provide you with the highest quality products at the lowest price. Our easy to use online catalog is equipped to serve all of your needs in the comfort of your own home. No special club memberships or stipulations. All you need is a problem we can solve".

"Reemco is as fast as the future-we're constantly looking to expand and improve our catalog just as you're constantly looking to expand and improve your life. So check back with us often. And let us know your needs".

The guys at Reemco's really know what drives us. Seen at uberBitch.