Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Record breaking card structures

Bryan Berg broke the Guinness World Record for card structures in 1992 at the age of seventeen with a tower fourteen feet, six inches tall. His latest record-holding structure is more than twenty-five feet tall. Touring regularly, Berg has stacked cards in virtually every major U.S. city and in Japan, Denmark, and Germany.

The card stacking does not involve glue or tape. Berg: "The cards stand up-and stay up-for two reasons. First, there are so many cards in large constructions, the combined weight of all the cards actually adds to the stability of the structure. Second, the weight is supported by the strategic arrangement of cards, called grids. Cards, arranged in grid patterns, resemble waffles or ice cube trays. The cards actually prohibit each other from bending and also prohibit each other from falling over. If you can learn to build a grid structure, you can build just about anything."

Would you like to try stacking some cards? If so, then you should use the best cards for the job–cards just like Berg uses. Visit the Cardstacker store and get your own stacking decks. Via Attu.